Fire After Hurricane



How we came to be

Fire after Hurricane is a band of three fourteen and one thirteen year old girls.
Carly, Munchkin, London, and Gabriella. 
We make covers of pop music songs. 
We will do things such as One Direction, Rascal Flatts, Justin Bieber, and more! If you want us to preform a song, send us an email!
We met in fifth grade and have been great friends ever since.
Only on Feb. 7th, 2013, Gabby and Carly  asked London and Munchkin to be in Fire After Hurricane

We hope you enjoy our music!

-London, Carly, Gabby, and Munchkin ∞,<3,~, Muncky kin.

 Status of the people in our band. 

Leader: London
Back-up leader: Gabby
Lead Singer: Munchkin
Back-up Singer: Carly
Back-up Singer: Paris